jujitsu - the art of the samurai

As well as our self-defence, boxing tutor and KEWAP services, the mainstay of ACS Martial Arts is our jujitsu classes. Jujitsu, ju-jitsu or jui-jitsu is a Japanese martial art that utilises strikes, kicks, throws, take-downs, ground fighting and locks; making it a comprehensive and versatile martial art covering all combat ranges.

Jujitsu as we know it today originated in medieval feudal Japan. Samurai clans practiced and honed techniques and then used them on the battlefield to outwit an opponent. Because the clans taught and learned their techniques in isolation over a period of time various 'schools' or ryu evolved which taught a style of armed and unarmed combat unique to each clan.

It was a long long time before what was being taught became collectively known as jujitsu. In fact, after the decline of the Samurai, these battlefield honed techniques and strategies became associated with criminals and assassins and thus deemed undesirable, because of this jujitsu very nearly disappeared from existence. Fortunately enough master practices survived to uphold jujitsu's noble historic roots.

By continuing to teach it as a viable form of self defence and physical discipline, they preserved the art while men like Jigoro Kano, the father of Judo, Morihei Ueshiba, Aikido's creator, William Barton-Write, responsible for bringing Jujitsu to Britain and Carlos & Helio Gracie of Brazilian Jujitsu fame, went on to develop their own unique martial arts derived from japanese jujitsu and judo.

Today jujitsu techniques exist in many martial arts systems and are incorporated into many security forces training. Similarly, there are techniques derived from other martial arts that have been included in modern jujitsu syllabuses. This makes it a thriving and ever evolving art; preserving the original concepts while growing to suit modern needs and aspirations.