martial arts against bullying

Martial artists around the world are done with bullying! Bullying effects children in so many ways. There's the anguish and fear of the continued torment, which in turn effects concnetration and enthusiasm. School grades suffer, relationships collapse and in extreme cases, the qulaity of life diminishes to such an extend that some children resort to the only means of escape that seems possible - suicide.

MAAB's mission is to enlist the international martial arts community in a unified effort to educate, inform, and help eradicate bullying. The MAAB program is designed to help children of all ages overcome the negative impact of bullying.

It teaches participants:
Awareness – How identify predator behavior
Avoidance – Realistic ways to avoid being a target of bullying
Assertiveness – How to stop bullying behavior

The MAAB program is a 3-4 hour “Done with Bullying” seminar. It comprises four informative and interactive sessions with each session being taught as a separate class if required by time restraint. Each session gives participants realistic steps for dealing with most school or neighborhood bullying situations.

The “Done with Bullying” program was developed by Dave Kovar, a life-long martial arts professional and anti-bullying advocate. Mr. Kovar has been teaching anti-bullying strategies to his students for over 35 years. His prior program, “School Safe/Street Safe,” from which “Done with Bullying” is based, has been taught in over 1,000 martial arts schools around the globe.

ACS Martial Arts is providing this programme Free of charge (as Dave Kovar intended) we're offering MAAB 'Done with Bullying' sessions to schools although we'd prefer to run them in our own purpose equiped training venue, when it is made available to us.

If you are a martial arts club and want to sign up for this programme then follow this link:

For further advise on bullying and general help with child concerns then visit the NSPPC: