Charity idea

Pink BeltThis is a fantastic idea for supporting martial arts charity events. This particular one is for Karen Wild and Iain Abernethy’s fund raising in aid of Cancer Research

I’d like to do something similar for our Dreamflight charity events this year. Not a pink one, even though I like the colour, perhaps a sky blue one, or rainbow coloured or even a plain white one featuring the Dreamflight logo ….what do we think to that then?

WJJF Videos

WJJFThese are links to the late Soke Robert Clark’s WJJF syllabus techniques. The syllabus created by IAJJ Sensei Bob Cowan and Steve Rolls, is based on these techniques and they make interesting viewing.Please note that they are performed at teaching/demonstration speed and are therefore not representative of ‘combat’ speed.
Prof Clarke Video 1 | Prof Clarke Video 2

Technology fail again

Big London derby and Sky Go app for iPod decides it don’t want to work. WTF! Okay about to try the laptop, but reckon that too will be caput! Oh well at least Carling cup is on terrestrial TV.

Don’t get personal

Have been working on a reply to the numptie who responded to my letter in the local rag. Very hard to keep it on topic and not personally scathing when the writer has, to certain extent, accused me of double standards. Not guilty m’lord. I can’t be responsible for an individual devoid of logical and cohesive arguments not based on content who presumes to know what I’m thinking.

It may take several drafts but I’ll get there in the end – probably.

The sun is out, the sky is blue …

Well, is that it? Has winter finally decided to pack its bags and leave? Can the central heating be turned off and the thick winter duvet be consigned to that cupboard in the loft?

I sincerely hope so, but don’t forget folks this is Brittania, the land of 4 seasons in one day. Just when you think it’s safe to remove that warm and cozy fleece the cold, sharp, snap, of a frosty winter morning can send you scuttling back under the blankets!

What a loser

Well, he’s done it again. The individual I corrected in my Herald & Post letter has responded with another illogical rant. Sorry but he deserves another dose of wisdom 🙂

My god how confusing!

Have just spent an hour and a half trying to get WordPress for iPad working. Tried a dozen different solutions until, in the end I just created a new user name and then tried to log in with that. Voila! Sometimes I just hate technology and other times, can’t live without it:)

Just my opinion …

Early in February the Herald & Post printed a letter on their opinions page about the new Inspire Sports/Swim Centre currently under construction in Stopsley, Bedfordshire. The author of the letter complained about it’s location, the cost, the fact that it destroyed the ambiance of Stopsley village and declared that ‘nobody would be willing to travel the distance to use it anyway so why bother.’

I fully endorse the right to criticise such building projects if the locals believe that they destroy the aesthitics of the environment, I sort of agree with the comment however, where I do take issue and I take it with any opinion penned out of ignorance and misinformation, is the opinion as stated above that no-one will travel to use the center. Couple this with a pathetic description of the current old, dated but valiant sporting facilities available in the village of Stopsley. Thus incensed I had to put pen to paper – okay keyboard to email, but you get the gist. Anyway my reply as it was printed is here.