Going with the flow …

Sometimes it’s good to put up a struggle. To scream and shout your corner about this and that, let everyone know that you’re not the soft walkover they can wipe their feet on. Then again, sometimes, it’s best to just up, and go with it, ‘cos eventually, no matter how fast-flowing or rough the tide, it will eventually change, in your favour. Patience isn’t so much a virtue as a state of flux between holding hard the leash and letting it slip …

The karma principle

Those that know me well would be surprised to know that I believe in karma or the universal benefactor. You don’t have to sniff scented joss sticks, hug trees, deal tarot cards or claim to be in commune with the deceased to accept that doing kindness unto others reaps a recipricol kindness – or at least I thought that until I heard of the tragic death of Claire Squires in this year’s London Marathon.

What is the recipricol payment in kind for a young woman who of her own volition puts her body through the torment of an arduous 26 mile run (not to mention all the preperation) not for the glory of personal achievment, though that in iteself is a worthy goal but to raise money for her chosen charity the Samaritans.

Where is the Karma in that? A good deed and thought rewarded by an untimely demise and heartache for family and freinds? I just didn’t get it – Karma has f****** up big time!

But then something strange happened. All over the world people started donating money to Claire’s just giving page to such a degree that it made headline news and that got me thinking.

If the the underlying essence of Karma is to engage recipricol actions, thoughts and deeds then thinking about it Claire’s kindness, generosity and unselfisness to help others has triggered a global karmic responce that will ultimately benefit those people she was helping in the first place.

God they say moves in mysterious ways, perhaps not, maybe our interpretations of his motives are the mystery.

God bless:)