TKD – riverdance in jimjams

Said it before and I’ll say it again, TKD sucks. Okay, there are some pretty skillful exponents, but the art as a whole exists to perpetuate money making pyramid clubs that hand out black belts quicker than an order of fries and be honest, doesn’t a TKD bout it resemble an audition for Riverdance?

However, I do feel some sympathy for Aaron Cook. He left the officially sanctioned TKD Olympic training programme, went his own way, became World No.1 in his weight category but doesn’t qualify for an Olympic place. I don’t beleive TKD deserves to be an Olympic event, along with tennis, football, rythmic gymnastics etc. but the fact that it is, means that surely only the best can compete and by best I don’t mean, best: ‘cos you’ve stayed within our fold, done as you’re told and your face fits’.

I’m bored by it all now. Simple solution? All the TKD squad selectors should fight Cook – winner gets to decide.

Bank holidays, the weather enigma

Have absolutely no interest in celebrating the jubilee in any shape or form. However I do feel a little sorry for all those individuals looking forward to fetes, flotillas, fun, frolics and partying over this bank holiday weekend with the weather dolefully unreliable as it is.

But then again perhaps it’s trying to tell us something: “vive le republique”