Oh to be British …

So, the opening ceremony has passed and we’re well into our first day of the Olympian dream.
“proud to be British” people are exclaiming.

Though I would agree with the sentiments of a a job well done by ‘Danny Boy’ and his team this is still the same broken, withered Britain it was last week, the Britain with a third world travel system, the Britain with poorly paid NHS workers, a Britain full of greedy work shy transport workers, a Britain devoid of a judicial system designed to punish the guilty so, I for one am not proud of Britain or of being British and am likely to remain so for a very long time.

The Olympic farce continues …

Pierre de Coubertin, the father of the modern Olympics will be spinning in his grave at the latest farcical episode in the UK Olympic saga. So, the torch is going to be carried, live during an episode of Eastenders by a cast member!!!!!! Sebastian Coe, you should be drowning your head in a toilet for letting this happen. If I’d have been granted the honour of carrying the torch (and I would never have because I don’t deem myself worthy enougth) I would have declined once I knew that this farcical Eastenders stunt was going to be played.

And we seriously wonder why the rest of the world views us a US lapdog void of any real influence – Joke Brittania, Brittania fools the waves …

Olympic dream or nightmare

So we’re almost there. Security cock-ups, proposed strikes and sponsorship police. The Olympics and Britain and match made in …. ?

“Don’t panic, Captain Mannering, don’t panic.”