To the special one …

Strength isn’t just about how hard you can hit, or how much you can lift. It’s not only about being right when you know others are wrong, or about pushing back when being pulled, or standing your ground when its your given right to do so.

Strength is a measure of an individual’s ability to strive on, over and beyond adversity, with virtue, honour and humility intact. It’s knowing that when you are on the verge of an emotional breakdown or surrender, that there is a reason why you put yourself under such duress and stress.

That’s the measure of true strength.
That’s the measure of true love.
That’s the measure of one’s own humanity.

And, for those that seek to undermine and destroy everything that YOU hold dear, through their own warped machinations and cowardice, be assured that without intent, their foolishness, their lies, their dark, twisted, malcontent provides YOU with the resolve YOU need to remain who YOU are and protect those YOU love.

Acquirit qui tuetur
(He who preserves something, will have something)