Bruce Lee the father of MMA?

Okay I’ll be the first to admit and acknowledge Bruce Lee’s unique contribution to the world of martial arts and cross training – but the father of Mixed Martial Arts?
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So, what about William Barton-Wright, the 19th century engineer responsible for introducing jujitsu to the western world and who created his own system using Savate, Boxing, Stick Fighting and Japanese Jujitsu. Doesn’t that qualify as Mixed Martial Arts?
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One to one tuition or, not to one to one tuition …

I’m often asked: “do you do one to one self defence tuition?” Difficult one this. I often point out that if the person I’m teaching/coaching is performing techniques on me, then it’s difficult for me to stand back and make an accurate appraisal. I also suspect, and have been proved correct on occasion, that the individual is so lacking in self confidence that they can’t operate in a room full of people.

Now as self defence/protection tackles the issues of physical and threatened conflict between individuals I’m very wary of those asking for private tuition “‘cos they couldn’t possibly ever make a class.” Personally, I don’t believe I can help these people – I know others would welcome them with open wallets, but not me.

Then there are the belt-hunters. I’m not adverse to private tuition as an introduction to a martial art or an additional learning path but when it becomes a side-step to training in the dojo and a quick route to a black belt then I’m not interested. Sure my bank manager would approve, but there other things just as valuable to me as cash: integrity, honesty, hard work – generally the things money can’t buy.

However (tell me you saw that coming? the ubiquitous catch-all for: hey I have values, but I also subscribe to a convenient cop-out) I am on the verge of a rethink. At least for now and only for a certain set of circumstances … I’ll let you know how it pans out.