We are currently reviewing all our class times. Most will remain as they are, but we need to explore other avenues to encourage student growth.

Saturday closure 17/11

Apologies, but having tried to arrange cover and failing, I need to cancel the Saturday afternoon session at Charles St this Sat 17/11 … students can attend the Saturday morning session at Lewsey instead.

Tuesday night kids out door training

This Tuesday kids class 6-8pm. I want to see if we can run the next few Tuesday sessions over People's Park, 2 minutes…

Gepostet von ACS MAGFA am Freitag, 3. August 2018

Sat 14/7

Sorry late notice but am going to have to cancel Saturday afternoon Charles St class. Those who would normally attend can come Thurs, Frid or Sat morning at Lewsey CC

First Aid Course

Sunday 8/7 ACS MAGFA. Pre registration required:

Children £20 Adults £50 …. spaces limited