Thinking out loud ….

I am considering leaving our current organisation. This is the one that provides student and instructor insurance and acts as a so called ‘governing body.’ I’ve been with them as a student and coach for 20 years.
So why? What is it that they have done?
Well nothing actually, no really, I mean nothing, zero, zilch, nada!!
I once tried organising an NVQ course for myself, having been told that ‘someone in authority’ at this organisation was an accessor.
Forget it. I wasted so much time chasing my own tail.

They (the organisation) will only offer instructor insurance to 1st dan black belts. The assumption being that black belts can instruct … trust me, they can’t. I’ve met black belts that couldn’t demonstrate how to open a tube of toothpaste.
In addition, all black belt instructors need to attend a course to obtain a coaching award. I can tell you now, that of all the various sports coaching courses I’ve been on over the years, the martial arts one was the worst in terms of content, execution and inspiration.
So I have this peculiar situation of having a brown belt, coached by me who is a better coach than many black belts and a black belt who has also trained judo in Japan and who is, without any exaggeration, the most accomplished coach I have ever seen that must attend one of these uninspiring courses in order to qualify for instructor insurance!
I am not amused.
I made enquiries at Sportscoach UK. The principles of coaching are the same across all sports so did they have a generic course covering, how to plan, access, evaluate, communicate.
Their answer: We couldn’t possibly provide a course that circumvents your own associations coaching requirement, what a useless twonk!
I’ve since found an organisation that, along with supplying the required student insurance, will also insure 1st dans without a coaching qualification.
It’ll mean more work for me. But just might provide the help I’m not getting elsewhere ….. we shall see.

Putteridge class Monday 3rd April

Reminder: Monday’s Putteridge junior Jujitsu class is cancelled. In lieu of the cancellation students are permitted to train Tues and Friday or Tues and Saturday or Friday or Saturday ….. apologies for the inconvenience.

A better man than I …

I’ve posted a link below to an event run by my ex landlord’s son, the same landlord that decided he’d steal £600 from my deposit. So, why on earth would I be going out my way to help promote the progeny of such an individual, an individual who, in moments of weakness I would gladly extract my ‘pound of flesh’ from.

A good question, and one that even as I type this, has the circling demons (my demons circle, hover, gather in droves over my shoulder, huddle in dark corners and hide my coffee mug) chattering in disbelief in my ear.

Am I looking to garner karma points?
Alas to do that, my intentions would have to be void of all malice and laced with an affirmation of pure good and benevolence.

While I’m trying to be a good, kindly and a god fearing (fearing? shouldn’t that be loving?) individual, murky waters kinda stop my good intentions from rising to the top, so, while the odd inclination or two manages to bubble to the surface, I’ll lay down my piece and move on.

1) The sins of the father should not be laid upon the son
2) Doing this, means that I am at least trying to be a better man
3) I believe the event might hold interest for some

I don’t think events like this happen much in Luton, could be wrong, but I’m sure there’s enough ‘geeks’ in my field of operations who would find such an event fun and of course the fact that it’s at our old dojo, may provide a little extra interest.

So there it is, I can hear my demons chattering and planning their own pieces of mischief and mayhem for me, but I’m done now.

Have fun, live long and prosper ….

“Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.”
― Oscar Wilde…/204093738